When used properly, television is a powerful component of a brand’s marketing mix.  Through the use of sight, sound, motion, and emotion; television can deliver a marketing message that can resonate in the viewer’s mind. A reach medium, television offers the brand an opportunity to reach the masses. Many of the top brands in the nation have been built through the power of TV.

At Your Own Marketing Department, we create the messaging you need to make an impact on your ideal customer.  We evaluate the media offerings, negotiate and put an actionable TV marketing plan in place to ensure your highest ROI.



Using radio to provide synergy to a brand’s other marketing efforts helps to increase messaging recall.  In fact, studies show that when radio is used to complement an existing television or newspaper campaign, recall and ROI are significantly higher.  Radio provides an advertiser the opportunity to target demographically via station format/listenership.

We help our clients navigate the process to determine stations that make the most sense for their marketing objectives.  We evaluate ratings, listenership, loyalty and negotiate rates to ensure the highest possible ROI for each campaign.



Through the use of cable advertising, a brand can target messaging both geographically and demographically.  Some highlights of cable advertising include:

  • Choose which networks and which programs best match your brand’s target market
  • Eliminate waste – reaching the right people, at the right times. in the right programming, with the right frequency
  • Scalable – the ability to use the power of TV with a nominal budget

We know how to leverage cable allowing our clients to grow their brand and improve ROI.


We offer strategic ideas and solutions utilizing magazines and newspaper advertising. Our results-oriented marketing approach includes offering compelling copywriting that is optimized for each media. Magazine advertising offers  high-quality printing, a longer shelf life and the ability to promote a brand to a highly segmented target market. Newspaper advertising can also deliver strong visual impact; creating brand awareness to a reader. Additionally, for direct response advertisers the use of coupons, front page notes or inserts can drive traffic via price incentives, sales, and events.

At Your Own Marketing Department, we evaluate the feasibility of print vendors. We carefully factor circulation, rates and quality of the readership when determining the fit for our clients’ marketing objectives.



Billboards and Out of Home

Billboards and out of home advertising are a great vehicle for branding. Out of home advertising is much more than just billboard advertising, it also includes:

  • Transit advertising (Buses)
  • Airport advertising
  • Movie Theaters
  • Malls
  • and more

Outdoor advertising offers the opportunity for uniquely creative campaigns that will drive a high message recall.