Advertising Agency

advertising agencyYour Own Marketing Department is a full-service advertising agency serving small and medium businesses throughout Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

We provide the needed advertising and marketing expertise for clients across a variety of verticals. These businesses rely on Your Own Marketing Department to create the necessary strategies from grassroots marketing through television advertising through online marketing to grow their brand. While we specialize in providing comprehensive marketing strategies, we also offer ala cart advertising agency services based on each client’s unique situation and needs.

If you are a small or medium business without in-house marketing support and are ready to move your brand forward – we can help. We also work with clients that have a marketing staff that may lack experience or knowledge in digital marketing, media planning/placement, and more.

Hiring an advertising agency is an important decision and one that can help propel your brand to the next level. ¬†Choosing an agency that will develop a sound marketing strategy and provide tactical support can help ensure your business’ success.

Our clients are diverse and include the following industries:

  • Commercial Coffee Service
  • Commercial Printing
  • Concierge Health
  • Dental
  • Eye Care
  • Home Improvement
  • Paving Contractor
  • Painting Contractor
  • Publishing
  • Retail Furniture
  • Retail Hardware/Lumber
  • Retail Produce
  • Retail Sewing and Craft